Become an Au Pair Overseas

Spending time abroad as an au pair will give you a lifetime opportunity. You will become more independent and flexible and get to know yourself better. But you will also get to know one part of the world very well and have a chance to travel, explore and make new friends?

Become a Host Family

The flexibility of having an au pair does not only mean that you can get back to work and have more time, it also is a very affordable childcare method and gives your children the opportunity to learn a new language and get in touch with a different culture?

Become an Au Pair in New Zealand

New Zealand is the dream of many with its golden beaches, breathtaking views, Maori culture, rain forests, mountains, glaciers, geothermal activity, friendly people and laid-back attitude. Spending some time as an au pair in this beautiful country will make this dream come true?

Become a Demi-Pair in New Zealand

If you would like to improve your English for a few months and at the same time work as an au pair, the Demi-Pair programme offers this ideal combination as it will give you the opportunity to get to know Aotearoa or "The land of the long white cloud"?