Application Procedure

Application Procedure

Prior to arrival in New Zealand?

Step 1: Information??? ??? ??? ??? ???

If you have decided that you want to become an Au Pair in New Zealand, you will receive information about the country, estimated costs, visa information, the programme and application process. It is a good idea to do some research so you will know more about where you are about to go. If you are already in New Zealand an wish to work as an Au Pair, we will do a similar procedure.?

Step 2: Application form, letter, photos and other documents

Au Pair New Zealand application formWe will need an Au Pair New Zealand Application Form for Au Pairs from you where you fill out information about yourself. This will give us a first impression?of who you are and which families might be suitable. Your information is treated confidential and will only be shared with potential host families. We have consciously chosen to not have a database with a gallery of Au Pairs as we take the time to match each individual with the best family for them. To make it interesting for the family, we also want you to send us an introduction letter and photo collage or a video if you want to show your creativity. Other documents we need are a 3 childcare references, a?police?and?medical check, copies of your driving licence, first aid course (if you have done one), passport, your insurance for the duration of your stay, visa (once you have obtained it) and your flight details?(also once a placement is confirmed).?

Step 3: Interview

If you are already in New Zealand or apply directly, we will interview you ourselves, so that we have a chance to get to know you better and to see if being an Au Pair in New Zealand is the right choice for you. It also gives us a good idea how well you can express yourself in English. If you apply from abroad through an agent, then our partner agency will interview you.?

Step 4: Search for your host family

Au Pair New Zealand Weatherston family

We carefully choose our families and only arrange a placement when we believe there is a successful match.?Families are interviewed either in person or by phone and?are asked?to provide us with a police clearance. We also check their references.?If there is a mutual interest, we will send you each other?s email address, Skype details or phone number. We find it important that you take your time to find out if you are suitable for each other prior to committing, but we have a standard procedure in place to make the placement as smooth and efficient as possible:

A. Upon agreeing your mutual interest, you have 3 days to establish contact with your host family. If no contact has been made, we will suggest the family to other Au Pairs.?

B. Once you have established contact, we advise you to email each other and arrange a first Skype interview within 5 days. During the first interview, you can ask your potential host family any possible questions. ??

C. When there is a match between you and the host family, we suggest a second Skype meeting within the next 5 days,?so you have?a chance to meet all family members if this was not the case during the ?initial interview.?

We expect you to make a decision within 2 weeks after the initial contact.?

The time it takes to find a host family varies and depends on the time of the year, preferences of both parties and so on.

?We find it important that you get yourself familiar with the host family prior to making a decision.

Step 5: Contract between you and your host family

After you have accepted the family?s offer, we will send them an Au Pair – Family Contract, that is based on the International Au Pair Organisation?s Guidelines and also follows the New Zealand Employment Law. You are advised to book your flight and apply for your visa?after?the host family has signed the contract. You also have to sign the contract.?

Step 6: Visa

After we have found you a host family, you need to apply online for your Working Holiday Visa. Check the?Immigration New Zealand website for information, updates and visa requirements. ?Also bear in mind that some nationals can only stay with a family for a period of 3 or 6 months maximum.?

Step 7: Booking your flight

After you have discussed a suitable arrival date with your host family and arranged your flight, you have to inform both Au Pair New Zealand and your host family about your flight details. Your host family will pick you up from the airport unless something else has been organised. If you are already in New Zealand, please let us know how you will get yourself to your host family, so we can inform them.?

Step 8: Organising your IRD (tax) number

Prior to your arrival in New Zealand, you can already fill out your IRD application form in order to obtain an?IRD number?(i.e. a tax number). You can print off this form and bring it with you to New Zealand together with a copy of the required documents. Everyone who is working in New Zealand has to apply for this. Your host family will pay your taxes and the amount of pocket money that you?ll get is a net amount.

After arrival in New Zealand

Step 9: Kia Ora, welcome to New Zealand!

Au Pair New Zealand will help you settle from the very start. During the first 4 weeks, we will give you a weekly call to see how you are and if you have any questions. After this, we will call you once a month for the duration of your stay. You are of course welcome to get in touch at any time and we have a 24-hour emergency helpline on 04 889 23 17.

We also organise Au Pair and Demi Pair weekend get-togethers.?Follow our Facebook page to find out what is happening, get in touch with other au pairs and share your news.

We mediate between Au Pairs and host families in case of communication breakdowns and will only share information that you want us to share. It is important that you feel that we act in your best interest and that you can get in touch with us at any time.Au Pair New Zealand helps when there is a problem

In the event that you and your host family cannot come to an agreement, we will help you find a new one. Although we do our very best to do this as soon as possible, we cannot guarantee an immediate replacement. Neither can we guarantee that this placement will be in the same location. You are responsible to get yourself to your new host family. ?

When you arrive, your host family will not only help you to settle in, they will also assist you with the setup of a bank account, drive with you until you are both confident, help you obtain your IRD number and get a sim card.?

Step 10: Before you go home

We can assist in helping you reconfirm your return flight and provide you with a certificate of participation upon request.