Demi Pair in NZ

Demi Pair in NZ

What is a Demi Pair?

The Demi Pair Programme is especially interesting for those who wish to improve their English, live with a family and care for the children at the same time. Each location gives the applicant something unique. Au Pair New Zealand’s Demi Pair programme is in the first place a language course. Click on the visa type below to get more information about the requirements.


? Visitor Visa Working Holiday Visa Student Visa
Min.age 18 18 18
Max.age No agen limit 30 No age limit
Min. course length 12 weeks 12 weeks 14 weeks
Max.course length 12 weeks 24 weeks 36 weeks
Weekly working hours No work allowed Max.40 hrs (of which 20 with the HF) Max.20 hrs allowed

* If you come on a Working Holiday Visa and are a national from Brazil, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Hong Kong, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Malta, Mexico, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Slovenia, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey or Vietnam, you can only stay for?3 months?with the same host family.?


You are a Brazilian citizen and come to New Zealand with a working holiday visa. You are allowed to study for a maximum of 6 months during your time in New Zealand, but can only stay with the same employer (your host family) for 3 months. You can choose to study for example 8 weeks in location A and 10 weeks in location B, or you stay at the same school for the duration of your course and change host family.

If you come on a student visa, you can be a demi pair if you study full-time English language for at least 14 consecutive weeks at a university or an education provider that holds Category One?status under the New Zealand Qualification Authority?s External Evaluation Review quality assurance system?or has an NZQA approved Demi Pair training scheme.

We will assist you with your application process and explain your possibilities. Please note that placements are always subject to family availability and the more flexible you are with the location, the easier it is to be placed. ?

Program description

If you are on a working holiday visa and study part time, you will either study General English in the morning (15 hours Monday – Friday) or in the afternoon (10 hours Monday to Friday).

If you are on a student visa, you will study full time General English (20 to 25 hours Monday to Friday)?or study part time English and do part time training (15 + 15 hours a week Monday to Friday).?This depends on your location.

You can also study?academic English with exam preparation and choose to sit exams such as IELTS or CAE after your course. Student visa holders can combine this course with General English. Check our locations to see what?s on offer. ?

Depending on when your host family requires help, you will use the time at home to practice your English and help out with au pair duties. This can include, but is not limited to pickups and drop offs, light household work, help with homework, preparation of dinner and general care for the children (max. 20 hours per week). Weekend work is included in the 20 hours.?

In return for your work, you will get accommodation (your own room) and free meals three times a day.

What will you study?


You will study words from the first 1,000 word list. In the classroom you will have regular tests over the length of the course. At home you will be encouraged to use new words with your host family.


Reading lessons in the classroom will concentrate on instructional texts. At home we encourage you to read for pleasure and to read to the children you look after.


Writing lessons in the classroom will concentrate on basic to advanced skills including simple or complex sentence construction (level depending) and sequencing language.

Listening and speaking

You will learn speaking and listening skills (at home and school), including tone, pace, body language. Speaking and listening lessons in the classroom will concentrate on exercises involving practical transactions using learnt language patterns.