Emergency contacts

Emergency contacts

In the event of an emergency, always get in touch with your host family as well as with Au Pair New Zealand. Our emergency number is 04 889 23 17.

Police / Ambulance / Fire 111
Roadside Emergency Service, Automobile Association *222
Coast Guard Marine Assistance *500
Traffic Safety (Non emergency) *555
(Medical Emergency Call for free advice from trained registered nurses)
0800 611 116
New Zealand National Poisons Centre 0800 764 766


Call 111 and ask for the police when someone is badly injured or in danger, when there’s a serious risk to life or property, when a crime is being committed and the offenders are still there or have just left or when you’ve come across a major public inconvenience, such as trees blocking a highway.

Call 111 and ask for “ambulance” (Ambulance St John) when there is a medical emergency. Emergencies include chest pain or tightness (may also be felt in arm, jaw, neck or upper abdomen (tummy), difficulty with breathing, choking, sudden weakness or difficulty talking (this may be a stroke), fainting or unconsciousness (not being awake), severe pain, severe bleeding or bleeding that will not stop. If it is not an emergency – see your GP or an after-hours GP. In the Greater Wellington area this service is called the Wellington Free Ambulance.

Calls from any mobile phone (dial * before the number to identify you are calling from a mobile network)

When an earthquake strikes

It is frightening in the family home immediately after an earthquake but it is much safer than immediately going outside. You do not have to evacuate the house straight away unless it is showing obvious signs of distress. When you eventually evacuate, do take your wallet, coat, bag, etc. You are more vulnerable if you leave those things behind. If you have a getaway kit or ?go bag?, take it. Drop, Cover and Hold ? This is what to do during an earthquake. (if you are away from the family home and outside when an earthquake strikes you move no more than a few steps then Drop, Cover and Hold.). After the shaking stops, gather everyone together in one place and care for injuries.