Au Pair Overseas (OE)

Au Pair Overseas (OE)

Au Pair New Zealand offers young New Zealanders a chance to go overseas on their big O.E. or gap year to explore different languages and cultures. We will arrange everything from A to Z and will help you organize a pre-arranged paid work placement.Explore the world with Au Pair New Zealand

Country Age Duration Hours Free Course Pay Holidays Other
Canada 18-35 6-12 m 25-30 1d no C$ 200 2w no
China 18-30 3,6,9,12 m 30 1.5 yes 1000 CNY 2w yes
Germany 18-26 6-12 m 30 1 yes 260 ? 4w yes
Holland 18-30 12 m 30 2 yes 300 ? 2w yes
Italy 18-30 3m 20-25 1 no 200 ? 2w no
UK 18 -27 6-24m 25-35 2 no ?70-90 4w no
USA 18-26 12 m 45 1.5 yes US$ 195 2w yes


  • The ‘duration’ is the minimum and maximum length of the programme
  • ‘Hours’ are the hours worked per week.
  • ‘Free time’ is the time off during the week in days.
  • In some countries a language course is paid for by the host family or in the US, the family will pay for an educational course.
  • ‘Pay’ is the net amount you will receive each week or month. Check the individual programme for details
  • ‘Paid holidays’ is the amount of paid holiday weeks you will receive per 6 or 12 months.
  • ‘Other’ means other benefits such as paid insurance or flights for example. Check for the programme of interest what is included.

Check the amount of pocket money you will get with the converter. Each programme description has the approximate amount in New Zealand Dollars.

Get started by filling out the Outbound application form Au Pair New Zealand.?

There is a small fee to participate in our programmes. On top of this you have to calculate your flight (sometimes reimbursed by the host family if you stay for one year), insurance, visa and passport. Check the details of the programme you are interested in to see what is included.