Program fee

It is free to register for an au pair with Au Pair New Zealand.

The program fee exists of 2 parts: a non refundable deposit of NZ$210 and a fully refundable placement fee (based on the duration an au pair is required). The program fee shall be paid in full prior to getting access to complete au pair profiles.

The placement fee is valid for 6 months and will be refunded to the HF if no au pair can be placed within this time frame. Eg. If the HF requires an au pair with a specific start date and APNZ cannot assist and the HF takes a temporary au pair, the HF has the right to get an au pair after their temporary au pair finishes if it is within the 6 months time frame. There will be no refund if the HF decides to go ahead with an au pair from a different agency, sources their own au pair or decides that they no longer need an au pair by APNZ within the 6 months time frame. The fees below include the non-refundable NZ$210.

Duration in weeks Program fee
4 – 12 NZ$550
13 – 24 NZ$850
25 – 36 NZ$950
37 – 52 NZ$1200


Details regarding fees and payments can be found in our Terms & Conditions (clause 2). Any fee related questions can be emailed to info@aupairnewzealand.co.nz

Pocket money of the Au Pair

Your au pair is taxed on the amount of hours worked per week at the minimum wage of NZ$21.20, accommodation and board. These are taxable and?provided in lieu of monetary payment of wages. What they get is a net amount of pocket money based on the total of this and is calculated as followed:

Amount of hours worked Net pocket money
20 – 25 NZ$180
26 – 30 NZ$210
31 – 35 NZ$250
36 – 40 NZ$295


Should your au pair work additional hours on top of the hours agreed in their employment contract and they accept this offer, you have to pay them the minimum wage of NZ$21.20 and the tax on top of this amount.

Other costs

You are obliged to register as an employer at Inland Revenue and pay your au pair?s taxes. You can do this yourself and contact IR for help on 0800 227 774 or?enrol with one of our partners to help you with the payroll ?(conditions apply).

You also need to pay ACC levies. ACC is happy to assist with any questions you may have and can be reached on 04 816 7400.