What our Host Families say

What our Host Families say

Family Testimonials

Below are some testimonials of host families who are currently hosting or have hosted an au pair through Au Pair New Zealand in the past. If you would like to say something and share your experience, please get in touch.?

Niki from Porirua has just hosted her first Au Pair New Zealand au pair

?We are a relatively new family to the Linguavision Agency (Au Pair New Zealand) and our experience has been very positive so far. We have used a bigger agency in the past and we really appreciate Linguavision?s (Au Pair New Zealand’s) ability to be flexible with meeting our family?s needs in regards to part time hours and varying lengths of stay. Linguavision (Au Pair New Zealand) is available for us and 24/7, and are always friendly and helpful. We have recommended the agency to friends who have since secured their next Au Pair through Linguavision (Au Pair New Zealand).?We currently have Helena, a wonderful German Au Pair, living with us and helping us to care for and educate our two boys aged 6 years and 2 years. ?Helena was suggested to us by Linguavision (Au Pair New Zealand) and the process ran smoothly from that point. ?We are really enjoying our experience of being a host family and showing Helena all the great things about Wellington. ?Helena has fully involved herself in our family life, regardless of her working hours and our boys adore spending time with her. ?We will definitely be using Linguavision (Au Pair New Zealand) in the future to help us secure our next Au Pair.?

Rachel from Feilding has gotten extra help from Au Pair New Zealand

?I have 3 pre-schoolers, and having an au pair has meant that I can return to work without the added hassle of getting the kids up, dressed, fed and off to daycare. The transition back to work was much easier on my 2 youngest than I had anticipated ? they only had to get used to me not being there all day instead of getting used to a new environment (people, place, sounds, smells, routines and so on) as well as my absence. It is nice to have them sitting in their highchairs happily waving goodbye in the morning instead of crying about having been suddenly left somewhere while I leave to go off to work.?My husband is a shift worker, so having a live-in au pair has also meant that when he is on night shift, I am not trying to get 3 little ones bathed and put to bed by myself. It has certainly shortened the amount of time it takes to get them all settled and asleep!?If your family doesn?t fit the standard ?daycare hours?, then I can certainly recommend getting an au pair to help you out.?

Alex from the Wairarapa cannot imagine life without an Au Pair New Zealand au pair anymore

?Annika has been a breath of fresh air in our house.?We own and operate a large Dairy Farm in Pirinoa, 15 minutes South of Martinborough.?We have three children, who are busy with extracurricular activities.?Annika is a fantastic addition to our family, she has jumped right in, doing great with the kids and being awesome around the house, we couldn’t imagine life without her now.?She is loving the South Wairarapa and soaking up all it has to offer.?She has made great Au-Pair friends, found local friends; through our small friendly community and has created a nice social life for herself.?Her English has improved dramatically and is in regular contact with her family and friends via Skype. She says she is really happy and I know we are.?Ilse at Linguvision (Au Pair New Zealand) has been great to deal with, finding our family a great Au Pair and helping us both when needed.?

Kerry from Auckland has hosted several Au Pair New Zealand au pairs

?Linguavision (Au Pair New Zealand) have recruited ?many au pairs for our family in the last several years. They have done the hard work finding someone suitable for us and every girl has been wonderful.??